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Greetings and Welcome to Cambridge English School, Mangaf

When most of us were at school the focus was insular, working within the boundaries of the school and our respective countries, technology was not available. In today's world, technology and the possibilities it presents affords our students the opportunity to go beyond country boundaries without leaving the school, home or Kuwait. 

We are aware that the decision about which school to send your child to, is a very big and important one to families and we are happy that you have chosen Cambridge English School, Mangaf. Our hard-working, committed team of teachers and administration will do all they can to make the learning experience for your child a valuable and happy one.

We know that students whose parents are actively involved in their child's learning have a greater degree of success and therefore we encourage our parents to talk to their child about the learning they do in school. We are always happy to meet parents who have concerns or comments about the school and we will always try to listen carefully.

As with any successful community, Cambridge English School, Mangaf has high expectations of behaviour, based on: respect for self, respect for others and respect for the environment. We ask parents to support the school in encouraging their child to meet these expectations, to ensure a happy and safe learning environment for all. Students make choices; when these are good choices, the outcome is positive; however poor choices will result in sanctions in line with our behavioural expectations.

We at Cambridge English School, Mangaf are proud of our students and the daily achievements made whether big, achieving full marks in a test or small realising they can write the letter 'A' with a pencil. Together we make Mangaf a success.

Welcome to Cambridge English School, Mangaf


Bruce Aitken