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Behaviour management is an essential requirement for the effective functioning of any community such as Cambridge English School. Our behaviour management is based on respect:

  • Respect for ourselves
  • Respect for others and others belongings'
  • Respect for the environment

We expect high standards of behaviour, manners and work from our students at Cambridge English School and we develop this through encouraging each student to believe that they are a valued, accepted member of the community who is trusted to behave within the norms of our community.

School Code of Conduct 
  • All students have a right to learn and a responsibility to make the most of all their learning opportunities.
  • All teachers have a right to teach and a responsibility to make their teaching accessible to all their students.
  • Everyone has a responsibility to ensure that the rights of others are respected.

If any student chooses not to follow the school expectations, they will be spoken to and if this continues, there are consequences for poor choices. We help our students to learn that if they do something wrong, there are consequences that they must respect and we hope that they will learn from this.

We have a clear Merit system that rewards positive attitudes and behaviour. Before joining the school, all students and parents will sign a Home/School Agreement indicating their understanding and support of the school ethos and behavioural expectations.