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All students will be interviewed before acceptance as per below: 

KG (starting age is 3 years and 6 months) and Reception Classes: 
When the application fee has been paid, The assessment will take place with the appropriate staff
  • An interview with the child and their parents is made to assess the readiness of the child for school.
  • An assessment test is done with the child by an Early Years teacher
  • Any previous reports are viewed.
  • The decision is noted on the application form and passed to the Registrar, who will inform the parents.

For other year groups: 
When the application fee has been paid, The assessment will take place with the appropriate staff
  • An assessment time for the child is scheduled.
  • When the child arrives, they are taken sit the assessment tests in English and Maths. (Parents should not be present).
  • All previous school reports are taken into account.
  • The parent's phone number is taken.
  • When the papers are marked, a decision on the suitability of the child is decided and the parents informed.
  • If a child fails the test but the school deems that they may still make the grade, a retest may be scheduled for 1 or 2 months' time. The child will be given an opportunity to re-sit the test.
  • For IGCSE years, the assessment tests will be based on IGCSE past questions.

  • If, when all the evidence is considered ( school reports and test papers), the school believes that the child would thrive at Cambridge English School and would be able to meet both the academic and behavioural expectations, a positive decision will be made.
  • If, however the school believes that the child would struggle to access the curriculum offered and to follow our community expectations, then the parents will be advised to seek elsewhere.
  • If the application is successful, a reservation fee must be paid to the Accountant to reserve a place. The remainder of the fees will become due, on dates indicated by the school.
  • Entrance will be granted to those students who, the school feels, can both benefit and thrive in the academic environment that we provide, and who will be able to abide fully by our expectations of their behaviour.
  • The school, will indicate which Year Group the candidate will enter as per chart below, but NOT which class. The school reserves the right to place the child in the class that it deems most suitable.