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Punctuality and regular attendance are vital to the academic and social progress of all our students. All students must be in school by 7:15 am and attend all classes punctually. They cannot leave the school until 2:15 pm with the exception of Early Years who finish at 12.30 pm. The parents of students who arrive late on a regular basis will be invited into the school to discuss the reasons why.

It is a statutory requirement that all children in Kuwait between the ages of 5 years and 6 months to 16 years old must attend school. Parents will be asked to explain any absence and frequent absences will be reported to the Ministry of Education and may also lead to exclusion from the school for the following academic year. If student absence exceeds 15 days in one continuous absence or from several different occasions without an acceptable excuse in one term, the student flies will be referred to the Ministry for Private Education.

All absence due to sickness must be supported by a doctor's medical certificate and any request for extended leave must be submitted to the class teacher in the first instance who will then speak with their line manager.

Apart from Year 11 and 12, the school does not offer study leave up to and during examinations. Absence during this period will be counted as unauthorised and parents again will be asked to explain these. In addition, frequent absence has a detrimental educational effect as teaching and assessments continues up until the end of each school term.